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"In South Dallas, There's Not Just a Food Desert, There's a Pet Care Desert Too."

70% of the cats and dogs that end up in Dallas’ animal shelter come from neighborhoods south of Interstate 30. Animal advocates say there's a huge need for more pet stores, low-cost clinics and education efforts there.

...Ed Jamison, director of Dallas Animal Services, agrees there’s a problem. South Dallas is short on grocery stores so it’s known for being a “food desert," Jamison said, it’s also a “pet care desert.”

“When you Google pet stores in Dallas, you see a huge divide at Interstate 30, there’s like one south of Interstate 30,” he said. “Do vet clinics south of interstate 30 and you’ve got the SPCA’s clinic and one other clinic – that’s it -- for the entire southern sector of Dallas.”

...In May, Dallas Animal Services (DAS) launched a new service for pet owners. Now when someone calls 3-1-1 wanting to surrender a pet, the call gets routed to an intervention center run by Spay Neuter Network. The city shelter is also part of a pilot program with other animal shelters around the country, designed to help families who are struggling to care for their pets.

“Our main goal is trying to find ways to keep pets with their people in these difficult times,” Jamison said.

Your support for Friends of Dallas Animal Services increases the value of DAS services and creates possibilities for pilot programs and pet care resources in South Dallas. Thank you!


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