What We Do & Why We Do It 

What: We create limitless possibilities for DAS by increasing the value of services and the agility in which those services are provided. We raise funds to directly benefit DAS in the four major areas outlined below. We reinvest funds for strategies and tactics that inspire engagement, raise awareness, and increase giving.

Why: DAS took in 39,000+ animals in 2019, making it the third largest dog/cat intake shelter in the country. Despite the challenges of caring for this volume of animals, DAS works hard to increase quality of life for shelter pets and reduce unnecessary euthanasia through its Dallas90 community engagement campaign. The city budget limits and constrains DAS' ability to achieve these goals so we fundraise to provide additional resources and options. 



The foster program is a crucial component of the Dallas90 campaign. To support the foster program, Friends of DAS uses donations to purchase items such as starter kits for new foster families, crates, leashes, adopt me vests, and other needed items identified by the DAS foster staff.  


If you'd like to learn more about becoming a foster contact the DAS foster staff (DASFoster@DallasCityHall.com)! 


In addition to supporting DAS through the Foster, Medical, and Enrichment programs, we provide financial assistance for other shelter needs, such as staff training, marketing for the Dallas90 campaign, and travel expenses for long distance pet transports, all of which allow DAS staff to best perform their jobs, and are critical to the overall success of the Dallas90 campaign.


DAS medical staff identifies veterinary medical equipment that would vastly improve the level of care they are able to provide to shelter animals. Friends of DAS uses donations to purchase these items.


With an average daily population of 700+ animals, DAS often finds itself short on basic items needed to provide comfort to shelter animals, such as beds, bedding and toys. In addition to these basics, DAS strives to provide shelter animals with enrichment items such as food dispensing toys and durable chew toys to reduce stress, prevent boredom, and decrease undesirable behaviors. Friends of DAS uses donations to provide both basic and enrichment items to DAS so that it can continue to provide compassionate care for its shelter animals. 


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