Join the Shelter Society!

The Shelter Society is a group of recurring donors who support the DAS vision of a sustainable live release rate above 90%. Whether you love your DAS adoptee and want to pay it forward, or you want to help ensure that all shelter pets receive compassionate care, we invite you to join us in the long-term movement.
Perks of Joining the Shelter Society:
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Special Thanks to Current Shelter Society Members!

Mark Ardolino

Landyn Behn

Laura Browning

Jennifer Callaway

Kathy Cashen

 Jeanne Chipperfield

Nathan Cole

Daniel Crimmins

Dianne Davis

Jebrail Dempsey

Lisa De Santiago

Marisela Diaz

Veronica Diaz

Taylor Dixon

Anne Ellis

Angela Eng

Zachary Foster

Stephanie Fox

Joyce Gaines

Monica Gutierrez

Kelly Hassell

Kathy Hewitt

Liz Hilliard

Whitney Jones

Betzi Kelton

Karen Kennedy

Steven Kerzee

Amy King

Victor Ledezma

Fiona Levy

Mirtha Lopez

Terry Lowery

Shelby McIntyre

Pam Garrison Martin

Annallely Mendez

Josh Merkel

Marta Milian

Rusty & Bonnie Norris

Shaelyn Ochoa

Juan Pablo Perez Peguero

Elsa Perez

Debra Purdy

Christine Rangel

Antonia Rovira

Earl Seeger

Sterling Smith

Katherine Squires

Cristian Tamayo

Molly Tepera

Jenny Waddell

Danielle Walts

Angela Willis

Audrey Woodward

Dennis and Jo Yates​

LeeAnn Young


and those who wish to remain anonymous.

In Memory of Ronnel Lapid

We remember Ronnel Lapid, one of the first supporters of the Shelter Society. Ronnel adopted his cat, Binx, from Dallas Animal Services and was a loving son, brother, and cat dad. Ronnel leaves behind a charismatic legacy as a registered nurse, avid runner, traveler, and Lakers fan. 

Ronnel Lapid & Binx the cat.