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Help the most vulnerable shelter pets in Dallas.

About Us

We are the official, non-profit fundraising partner to Dallas Animal Services (DAS), one of the largest dog and cat intake shelters in the country - caring for 24,000+ pets each year.


DAS envisions a sustainable live release rate of 90%+ through its Dallas90 initiative. Friends of DAS supports the shelter and its Dallas90 vision through these focus areas:

Brown dog chewing on toy bone.


Happy animals are less stressed, which increases quality of life and likelihood of adoption.

Brown and white dog kissing woman.


Foster care prepares pets for adoption by providing a safe and loving temporary home and opens shelter space for new intakes.


bottle fed kitten


Proper medical equipment ensures better health and survival for pets.

DAS staffer with puppy

Shelter Support

Financial assistance for other shelter needs mobilizes DAS staff and is critical to the overall success of the Dallas90 campaign.

“Friends of DAS helps us to fulfill urgent needs as they arise. Their partnership, and the community’s support, enable us to adjust our operations and continue saving lives.”
The Dallas Animal Services Team

Our latest stories ...

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Join the Shelter Society!

The Shelter Society is a group of recurring donors who support the Dallas90 vision of a sustainable live release rate above 90%.

Perks include a welcome package and insider info from the Director of DAS!

Your Impact

 Thanks to our incredible donors we have fulfilled 100% of requests for financial assistance to help bridge the gap between city funding and the cost of innovative programs and services at DAS.


We are volunteer-run and strive to keep overhead costs low to have more dollars available for lifesaving support.

How You've Helped!


in financial support provided to DAS from September 2019 through September 2023.



$ 195,481

$ 71,422

  • Toys

  • Treats

  • Elevated Beds

  • Playgroup Training

  • Dog Training

  • Dog Crates

  • Kitten Supplies

  • Dog Leashes

  • Dog Collars

  • Foster Incentives


$ 293,354

  • Heartworm Treatments

  • Surgical Supplies

  • Pharmaceutical Fridge

  • Free Vaccination Clinics

  • Incubators for Neonates


$ 354,479

  • COVID-19 Supplies

  • Nat'l Kitten Coalition Training

  • Pet Food Pantry Support

  • Volunteer Background Checks

  • Offsite Adoption Event Supplies

Scenes from the shelter and beyond ...

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