Cheery Holidays for DAS Pets

As the classic holiday tune goes, “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas…,” but at Dallas Animal Services (DAS), only a dog or cat will do! An anticipated 100+ pets will find a new home this season, thanks to the month-long adoption event hosted at Galleria Dallas. Crowds of shoppers greet the eagerly-waiting dogs and cats each day, some of whom will leave the mall together in adopted bliss.

While we celebrate these successful adoptions, we also think of the hundreds of DAS kennels that will quickly be filled with new animals in need of care. If you’re unable to give a pet a happy home this season, your gift to Friends of DAS will give invaluable care to dogs and cats while they wait for an adopter. From providing toys and treats, to elevated Kuranda dog beds, to medical treatment or the full cost of care, there are countless ways for you to ensure that every pet has a cheery holiday season while awaiting a happily ever after with a loving family.

As far as happy endings go, we are eager to share an update on Greta, an adoptable dog we featured on North Texas Giving Day. Several months ago DAS welcomed Greta after she was hit by a car and suffered from severe cherry eye and road rash. After copious attention, medical treatment, and peanut butter Kongs, Greta was nursed back to health and adopted by a doting family. “She's brought so much joy to my life,” shares her adopted mom. “Greta is the best pup in the whole world!”

Successful adoptions like Greta’s are made possible by Friends of DAS supporters like you. Will you consider giving a gift that could provide supplies or cover the cost of care for a DAS animal this season?

P.S. In November, DAS celebrated its highest-ever save rate: 92.5%. This news is cause to celebrate and leads us into a hopeful new year!