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🤩 Volunteer Spotlight 🤩

Q&A with dedicated DAS volunteers Daniel & Jacey Cannon!

What inspired you to start volunteering/fostering with DAS?

When we moved from Iowa to Texas, we were unaware of the animal population crisis. In Iowa, where puppy mills are unfortunately common, there aren't many strays or owner surrenders in shelters. Sometimes, the shelters were nearly empty. However, in Texas, we quickly began finding strays and saw the urgent need to get involved. We started volunteering at DAS and adopted Rachel from Pawerful Rescue, where she was surrendered by her owner. Rachel inspired us to help little ones like her find their forever homes.

Can you share a memorable experience or achievement from your time as a volunteer/foster?

While volunteering at DAS, we fostered a dog named Shuma through Hearts and Bones Rescue. She came to the shelter as a stray, likely hit by a car, and needed medical care. After being pulled from the shelter, she had her front right leg amputated. We cared for her during her recovery, and then she was transported to New York for adoption. She now has a wonderful forever family! We wouldn't have been part of her journey without our volunteer work at DAS.

What motivates you to continue volunteering/fostering and giving back to the community?

Our furbabies inspire us to keep volunteering and fostering! While we can't adopt them all (like we want to), volunteering/fostering help us find them forever homes.

How has volunteering/fostering impacted your life personally or professionally?

Volunteering at the shelter has opened our eyes to the critical need in Dallas and motivated us to be a voice for all the animals and to educate the community about it. Spending time at the shelter has also strengthened our bond with our four dogs and helped us understand their needs better.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering volunteering/fostering but hasn't taken the leap yet?

Jacey: Advocating for animals is hard but rewarding. It just takes the first step and some motivation from my husband. It’s a great way to get out of your shell and meet new people.

Daniel: There’s a role for everyone, whether you work with animals directly or behind the scenes. You won’t regret volunteering. Bring a friend to share the experience and support each other, like my wife and I do!

Can you tell us about a project or initiative you're currently working on as a volunteer?

Jacey: I’m part of Home Again Heroes, where I use social media to help strays find their way home. This lets me continue helping animals even when I can’t be at the shelter.

Daniel: I love helping with the rescue transport team! Picking up animals for their ride to a foster or rescue home is the best. We get to spend quality time together cruising to their new home, and I feel like they know they’re safe and thankful for the lift.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the DAS volunteer/foster team?

We love everything about volunteering at DAS! From advocating for animals to meeting new friends, it's incredibly rewarding. We enjoy spending time with the furbabies, showing them they're not alone, and taking them to the play yards. Jacey captures amazing pictures and videos while I get the dogs in a playful mood.

How do you balance your volunteer/foster commitments with other aspects of your life?

We support each other, ensuring one of us can volunteer regularly. Remote opportunities help when we can't be there in person. Daniel visits the shelter daily and often loses track of time while cuddling with the pups. Luckily, he has a super awesome wife who is cool with that.

What are your future goals or aspirations related to volunteering/fostering?

Jacey wants to volunteer more with cats and attend offsite events. Daniel wants to join the Sunday run group and be a rescue assistant. We both aim to keep making connections and advocating for all the animals in North Texas.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer superstar like Jacey and Daniel, sign up here!


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