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These DAS Pets Are Cross Country Travelers!

Has sheltering at home for several months during COVID-19 given you the travel bug? Originally from Dallas Animal Services (DAS), these pets traveled across the country to live with their forever families. We hope these happy faces make you smile.

Originally from DAS, Lyra is now a Rhode Island gal. Her adoptive dad, Holt, swung by DAS on a visit to Texas in March and with the assistance of DAS adoption counselor, Justin, got the shy shepherd hiding in the back of her kennel to open up and give him a gentle lick on the hand. Holt was smitten and completed the adoption paperwork before his girlfriend, Debra, even had a chance to meet their new pup! Lyra accompanied Holt and Debra on a cross-country trip back home to Rhode Island where she befriended her new family’s other rescue dog and three cats. Now, Lyra enjoys perching on her favorite beach log and snuggling in her forever home.

DAS alumni Benni (black & white) and Roggie (brown) found their happily ever after in Iowa! One of DAS’ amazing rescue partners, Rockwall Pets, transports DAS dogs to shelters in need of adoptable dogs, such as Boone Area Humane Society (BAHS) in Iowa.

Benni was first to BAHS courtesy of Rockwall Pets, and his adoptive parents say they were wooed by the “cutest, perkiest ears in the whole shelter!” When Benni needed a friend, his adoptive parents returned to BAHS, where Roggie had just arrived via another Rockwall Pets transport trip. Adoptive dad, Cullen, says Roggie’s “beautiful eyes” caught his attention and when Roggie and Benni

immediately hit it off, the adoption was complete within 15 minutes!

Now these DAS dogs enjoy life in Iowa by “going on walks with mom or going to the local coffee shop and getting a ‘pup cup.’” According to Cullen, Benni’s calm and polite attitude complements Roggie’s excitement and feistiness - the perfect duo!

The adventures don't end there. Check out these outtakes of DAS adoptees traveling across the country!


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