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DAS Helped Pets During Hurricane Laura

In the wake of Hurricane Laura, Dallas Animal Services (DAS) welcomed over 50 displaced pets in need of care. A majority of these pets came from shelters heavily impacted by the hurricane. DAS also took in pets who evacuated with their human families and needed temporary care until they could be reunited.

As Hurricane Laura approached, we put out a call for financial support for vulnerable pets. You generously responded with nearly $5,000 in donations in just a few days!

This support helped pets like Boo, who arrived at DAS from the SPCA of Brazoria County. He and 16 other dogs came to DAS to allow the SPCA of Brazoria County to take in pets that were displaced or separated from their owners during the storm. We’re happy to report that Boo already found a loving family after being made available for adoption at DAS!

Thanks to you, pets like Boo are safe from disaster!


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