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Meet Some Dallas Animal Services Heroes!

Nearly three years ago, Honey Bea was a stray, four-week-old puppy, brought to Dallas Animal Services (DAS) with her three siblings. As the runt of her litter, Honey Bea needed compassionate care. She survived for two reasons:

1. Her foster heroes, Lynn and Steve. As DAS fosters, they welcomed Honey Bea and her siblings into their home until they were old enough for spay/neuter surgery. In her safe and dependable foster home, Honey Bea was loved and nurtured until she was ready for adoption.

2. Her adoptive hero, Rina. In search of a sweet and spunky puppy, Rina hit the jackpot when she became Honey Bea’s adopted mom. She raves that Honey Bea is easy to train, greets everyone she meets with kisses, and loves french fries and the color purple. Honey Bea even has her own Instagram page!

“Honey Bea is smart, friendly, goofy, loving, clumsy, energetic and extremely cute,” Rina gushes. “She is the best friend every gal needs. A true ride or die.”

Honey Bea may have remained in the streets if she had not been brought to DAS, sent to a loving foster home, and eventually adopted by Rina. Foster and adoptive parents are integral parts of DAS’ life-saving Dallas90 vision to find positive outcomes for all placeable pets.


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