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Meet Moira Rose, Heartworm Positive Superstar!

Meet Moira Rose, a sweet senior pit bull mix who found herself at Dallas Animal Services (DAS) as a stray in need of help. Moira was heartworm positive, but lucky for her, DAS began her heartworm treatment during her stay at the shelter, where she became a staff and volunteer favorite!

A family of five–Ashley, Chris, and their three children–met Moira through the DAS foster program. After bringing Moira home to foster, they were quickly wooed by her award-winning smile and made her a permanent family member. She is now a sister to a two-year-old Great Dane and surrogate mother to two backyard chickens. 🧡🐕🐔

While Moira’s foster family knew they wanted to adopt her, they were more willing to commit upon learning that DAS provides free treatment for heartworm positive dogs. The DAS veterinary staff provided counsel on what heartworms are, what the treatment entails, and scheduled follow-up appointments to ensure Moira’s future health. After visiting DAS for her first appointment, Moira tested negative for heartworms–a true tail-wagging ending! 🐕 🎉


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