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How much do you know about coyotes? 🧐

Coyotes should be afraid of humans, but sometimes they become accustomed to human presence and are emboldened to enter our spaces. You and your neighbors can work together to humanely reintroduce a sense of fear for humans in coyotes through a method called hazing.

Hazing is essentially frightening, frustrating, and annoying a wild animal to let them know they are not welcome. When you see a coyote, you should yell, bang loud objects, throw items near (not at) them, spray them with water – anything to reinforce the idea that humans are scary! Hazing is most effective when done by multiple people, so talk to your family and neighbors about hazing strategies so that they are prepared for what to do when they see a coyote.

Download the Dallas Animal Services' Coyote Hazing Guide for more information on hazing techniques at

Report coyote sightings by calling 469-676-9813. *Fun fact: Friends of Dallas Animal Services pays for this phone line.

Dallas has its own coyote management program, headed up by "coyote czar" Jackie Sutherland. Check out this article to learn more about Jackie and her cool job!


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