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Health Alert - Upper Respiratory Infections in Dogs.

Like other animal shelters in our community, Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is seeing a rise in Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) in its canine population, including two cases of canine influenza (also known as CIV or dog flu).

Canine URIs have a high recovery rate with rest and medical treatment. Unfortunately, these infections are highly contagious - particularly in a shelter environment like DAS.

DAS is isolating and treating symptomatic dogs. The shelter is also working closely with shelter medicine experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and American Pets Alive to maximize lifesaving and minimize the spread of illness.

These URIs are spreading throughout the community and are not just found within the walls of the shelter. Keep your pet safe by avoiding dog parks, doggy daycares, play dates, and boarding facilities at this time.

And, if you've ever thought about fostering, now would be the IDEAL time. With the shelter already at capacity, this URI outbreak further limits space issues. Please consider giving a DAS pet hope for the holidays by providing a temporary home!


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