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Great Days Start with Bacon and Waffles!

When Elise (@NewDogWhoDis on Instagram) first saw the Dallas Animal Services (DAS) intake photo for Bacon and Waffles, two mange-covered stray pups who came in together, she couldn't get them off of her mind.

"That photo speaks to everything you need to know about these boys; that they live to give love and be loved no matter the circumstances." - Waffles and Bacon's Foster Elise

Elise went through the DAS foster onboarding system and was ready to foster a dog. Bacon had already been adopted... but Waffles was still there and still needed her help!

He was one of the longest stays at that time, was still pretty underweight, was covered with itchy skin, and had constant watery, goopy eyes. "I couldn't wait to bring him home," Elise told us.

One day at a time, Elise helped Waffles get healthy. He had surgery to correct the eye irritation, was put on a healthy diet that improved his skin, hair, and weight and received a whole lot of love.

Once Waffles was fully healed, it was time to start looking for an adopter.

"I just knew his special person was out there. When we met Arielle, it was just perfect. She's been so caring and attentive to him." - Waffles and Bacon's Foster Elise

Waffles went home with his new adopter, Arielle, and the match couldn't have been more perfect. "Waffles (now affectionately known as 'Wafflesdoodles') is everything I didn't know I needed in a dog," said Arielle.

"Not only is he a good cuddle bug and companion, but he can tell when I'm having a bad day, is always great for a laugh, and reminds me to get more vitamin D and go outside. I call him my sun baby because he loves nothing more than to lay out in the sun." - Waffles' adopter Arielle

Just before Arielle stumbled upon Waffles, she had lost a beloved family pet... and the house was just too quiet. "It certainly isn't anymore thanks to him," she said. "I always thought this saying was cheesy but now I truly believe it: I didn't choose him... He chose me."

About a month after Waffles had been adopted, Elise was notified that Bacon was unfortunately surrendered back to the shelter by his original adopters. His eyes and skin were still in pretty bad shape and he was also heartworm positive. "Based on our experience with Waffles, we knew exactly what Bacon needed. He had the same eye surgery, we were able to clear up his skin, and we decided to have his heartworm disease treated while he was in foster care," Elise told us.

Elise with Bacon while he was in foster.

Because of all these medical needs, Bacon was in foster care with Elise for a long time. And just like Waffles, Bacon was easily winning Elise over with his loving, goofy personality, but she still had a sense his family was out there.

"When things came together with John [Bacon's adopter] and I heard how he had known of and loved Bacon as long as I had... I knew it would be perfect." - Waffles and Bacon's Foster Elise

John had been following Bacon's story for a long time... from the time he originally entered the shelter. He had seen his story on TikTok and decided right then and there that Bacon belonged with him and his family.

"I fell in love and I knew my family would also fall in love," John said. "Bacon brings us so much joy and we love him to death. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for him at all. Our son loves him so much and we’re just so thankful to give him a home. So with that being said, I encourage everyone to adopt a pet! It’s definitely the best way to go!"

Both Bacon and Waffles are prime examples of just how much difference a foster caregiver can make in the life of a pet in need. DAS sees skin issues and heartworm disease pretty often with strays coming into the shelter and while dogs needing the eye surgery both Bacon and Waffles had is more rare, it has happened before. Your gift to our North Texas Giving Day campaign can help us support the needs of pets just like Bacon and Waffles.

Can't make a donation? Consider fostering for Dallas Animal Services!

"I live in a small condo with no yard so I am a big believer that even with constraints or limitations most people can foster a dog." - Waffles and Bacon's Foster Elise
Elise with Waffles in foster care.

"Fostering is an incredible gift to yourself, your foster dog and our community. Sure there are challenges that can come with fostering but it’s well matched with joy, fun and cuteness! We have a wonderful foster community at DAS and we hope you will join us in saving pet lives!"



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