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🧡 DAS Happy Tail!

Meet Chicago (now Sparrow), who came to the shelter in rough shape. She had some medical issues and was nervous around people. The odds were stacked against her, but life has a funny way of working out in unexpected and positive ways. One person said the fateful words so many of us who adopt pets from a shelter have said before - "I'm going to take a chance on her."

And that's all Sparrow needed - a chance.

Sparrow in the shelter

Today, Sparrow is living her best life. She is healing and continues to thrive. She is extremely sweet and love cuddles. It took getting her out of the shelter and some love to see her true personality.

Sparrow's mom says, "We love her! Thanks for all that y'all do and allowing me to adopt her!"

Ready to take a chance on a deserving dog like Sparrow? Visit the shelter or check out DAS pets online!


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