Black Snowflake

Home for the #Pawlidays

Black Snowflake

Make a difference in the life of a shelter pet like Meeks!

Meeks in the shelter

Help us ensure that the next Meeks has the opportunity to blossom into a Michelangelo! Thanks to the DAS foster program and his amazing foster mom, Meeks had a chance to decompress from the stress of the shelter and learn the art of dogging, which in turn helped him find a loving home with Dan in time for the #pawlidays.


With kennels filling to capacity at the same time the shelter is experiencing a severe staff shortage, a more robust foster program can help tip the scales! With your help, we can remove all barriers to fostering and save even more pets like Meeks in the coming year.


Prefer to send your gift in the mail? Please make checks payable to Friends of DAS and send to the address below:

3333 Lee Parkway; Suite 600

Dallas, TX 75219