happy pawlidays


Give to Friends of Dallas Animal Services this season.
Dear Dallas neighbors,

We’re so glad you got our letter! As a fellow animal lover, we really wanted to make you aware of the outstanding and innovative work going on at DAS this year! Thanks to support from caring people like you, their life-saving efforts in FY20 include:


  • 22,812 dogs and cats welcomed into the shelter;

  • 6,590 pets returned to their owners, an amazing 228% increase since FY16;

  • 2,143 pets fostered; 

  • 37,157 external service requests fulfilled; and

  • 90.6% live release rate, a 30% increase since FY16!

As DAS’ official nonprofit fundraising partner, we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements. Will you consider a final gift to launch us into 2021? Your life-saving support will help ensure that even more pets benefit from  DAS services next year!


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