May 2022 Baby Benefit Campaign

Every year, Dallas Animal Services begins to see an increase in kittens and puppies in the Spring and Summer months. These babies often come to the shelter orphaned, sick, and in need of weeks of specialized care. They are the shelter's most vulnerable population and, without the support of our community, may not survive.

Please make a donation today to help homeless puppies and kittens at Dallas Animal Services grow and thrive.

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Other Ways to Help Baby Pets at DAS



The DAS kitten nursery is currently recruiting volunteers to feed and care for orphaned kittens, who require around-the-clock care.

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Nursing moms and orphaned puppies and kittens thrive much better in a home environment. Become a foster and take home baby animals in need.

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Know What To Do

Did you find kittens in your neighborhood? Their best chance of survival is actually to stay with their mom and out of the shelter. 

> Learn what to do if you find kittens in your neighborhood.